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The Apollo Theatre

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Back in the 1950s the Apollo Theater in Harlem was an amazing home for many young artists. Among them was "Little" Jimmy Scott (no relation) who has recently been heralded for his huge contribution to the world of singing. It was at that time, on that stage, also appeared little Kenny Scott, a/k/a Kenneth Kamal Scott.

Against all odds

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More than ever I realize the need to tell my story. The kind of courage that it took to persevere and constantly raise one's standards in the midst of such overwhelming odds is something that young people today seem to have a hard time trying to grasp.

The need to be excellent was not an option, but a driving force.

In every society (civilization), out of persecution and the denial of one's human rights, very often great beauty is achieved.

I am in no way sorry that I was born at such a time in American history.

My students very often ask me about "The Golden Years".

My Heroes

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My heroes were my parents first. To tell my story would be impossible without the glorification of their lives and who they were. I learned what real American Show Business was from them.

The pride I had in my family's accomplishments was overwhelming. Discipline, Honesty, and Excellence, was the order of the day. My memoir will reflect what they taught me.

I remember the day before my Mother passed, she called me to tell me to never stop
doing the quality of teaching that I was involved with. She began the phone call singing "you are the sunshine of my life."

She was in perfect health, and the next day she was gone.

Singing with Mother:



Father's Publicity Photo:



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This book will be about my beginning in the theatre and finally my love affair with my voice. It has humbled me and taught me tremendous respect for the spirit of art. Without the passion to be excellent and to make absolute Beauty, we make mediocrity a standard. I cannot accept this, so this story is to be about my battle with and overcoming human frailties and not living in fear of my voice! I refused to accept that we all who truly love it, couldn't own it.

The journey has not ended, but just begun.

from the keyboard of my Alter Ego (3/24)

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The Universe is certainly on board with this project.

Yesterday I met Rafik for lunch and afterwards I stopped by the public library. Browsing through their "for sale" section, I found a copy of Maya Angelou's "Letter to My Daughter," picked it up and the book fell open to a chapter titled "Porgy and Bess." Gasp! Beaming, I sent God a thank-you shout out and bought the book. These not-so-coincidental occurences happen all the time, and I acknowledge the Divine source whenever they pop up. Reading the chapter (actually I finished the entire book in one sitting) revealed even more miraculous demonstrations. Ain't life grand?!

I'm going to spend Friday afternoon researching at The Library of Performing Arts.

Looking Back

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Going back to the beginning to tell this unsual story is the most emotional experience I've ever known.


One could say I've lived a charmed life. No doubt the world of art has given me many joyous moments, which are seemingly easy to go back and access. Remembering those glory days is a pleasure!!! However, in every life there are those Dark Days that you almost wish never happened, but are important in shaping content of character and compassion for others.

On a brighter note, in contrast to the Dark Days, there are new and lasting friendships that bring more peace & stability to one's life. One such friendship I've been blessed to share, recently became a marriage. Our celebration was very special!!! We said loud and clear that together, "Nothings gonna harm you, not while I'm around." Come what may.

Each day presents a new set of challenges.


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I have decided to put my years of nostalgia (and stacks of press material, photographs, etc.) to good use; I'm going to write my memoir and share the creative process here.


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I have decided to put my years of nostalgia and wealth of publicity material and photographs to good use...I'm going to write my memoir and share the creative process here.