Kenneth Kamal Scott

"Porgy's" son's life on the operatic and theatrical stages

Artistry in Music, Dance, and Theatre


My Broadway debut, co-starring at the age of ten with 
legendary thespian Cyril Ritchard in "The Relapse"


My Dear Friend Victoria Shore


My friend for the ages, Jeremy Knight Ives


A few albums, from among many, representing the artistry of my brother Rafik,
daughter-in-law Adriana, and son Jonathan (See, also, the Links page)

 The Julie Andrews and Carol Burnette television special.
I'm second from left of center of Miss Andrews


Dancing Joseph in "Black Nativity"
 with Christine Lawson (soloist, The Martha Graham Company)

Porgy & Bess
(Martha Flowers and my Father, Leslie Scott)

Mother, Phyllis Ashby

In class with Arthur Mitchell and Jeremy Knight Ives at ABT

Joseph and Mary (Christine Lawson)
 "Black Nativity"


Joseph in "Black Nativity"

Alice Tully Hall Concert
(that's me standing third from the left)


Performing with the Boston Symphony
John Williams, Conductor

Dancing with Shirley Black Brown


Photo Shoot


The Wiz


Dancing with Paula Kelly