Kenneth Kamal Scott

"Porgy's" son's life on the operatic and theatrical stages

My Famous, Talented Family


 The Brothers Scott (from the left Rafik, me, Hassan and Ali)

My Grandmother Susie Heathman (third from the left)
circa 1895 at age 17


My Grandmother Susie Heathman Ashby
a/k/a "Ma Ashby" 

 My Grandfather Julian
Ashby, age 18

My son and namesake Kenneth

Dancing The Black Swan Pas de Deux
with Cousin Edna Matthews
(aged 12 or 13)



My son Jonathan a/k/a Dred Scott, and my lovely daughter-in-law Adriana Evans

My sons and me
(that's Kenneth in the yellow shirt  and Jonathan in the white)



My dearly beloved wife,
Etta Russell

My dear, dear friend and ex-wife,
Myrna White

My Grandfather Lester Scott


My cousin Owen Wells, NBA player for the Houston Rockets
(1950-1992)   Gone too soon


My grandmother's sister, Josephine Heathman,
who was our family's first professional opera singer.
As an actress, Aunt Josephine performed alongside Paul Robeson
in the 1924 controversial drama All God's Chillun Got Wings,
written and co-directed by Eugene O'Neill.
She also appeared with Dooley Wilson (pianist Sam in the film
classic Casblanca) in 1936's Conjure Man Dies.


My mother's sister, my Aunt Doris Ashby. Aunt Doris was the first dancer in our family,
and was one of the world famous Cotton Club Girls, featured with Duke Ellington

My mother's brother and my Uncle Irving Ashby
(at far right on the guitar) playing with the King Cole Trio.
Uncle Irving was one of the world's best jazz guitarists.

Irving Ashby publicity still

My maternal grandmother's brother,
The Honorary William A. Heathman (1873 - 1973).

Judge Heathman graduated from Boston University Law School in 1898
and he was history's first Black man to pass the Rhode Island Bar

Brown University ceremony honoring Judge William A. Heathman
(that's Uncle William on the far left)


My beautiful mother, Phyllis

My debonair father, Leslie

The dedication of Brown University's Heathman Hall,
named after my uncle, William A. Heathman
(the ladies are, from the left, my Aunt Louise Heathman, and my grandmother)

Mother and me singing